Carver Non-Woven Technologies, is working to establish itself as a leader in the manufacture of structural, lightweight, and recyclable nonwoven technologies for the automotive, recreational vehicle, building/construction, and office-furniture markets in North America. Carver offers a wide variety of roll stock products for both thermoset and thermoplastic composites, including single- and multi-fiber and layered mats featuring fiberglass, natural fiber, carbon fiber and synthetic (polymer) fibers.

Carver Non-Woven, decided to start up the nonwovens business in order to supply materials for automotive underbody shields and there are some tremendous benefits to the use of natural fiber products as compared to SMC and GMT in this punishing application.

The ability to find a use for recycled carbon fiber was very appealing to the company. Being able to lower weight and increase strength while reclaiming a material that currently has limited use potential was a huge factor in our decision-making process and also in our equipment design. From there, we identified a need for more versatile and complex compositions, as well as for more consistent GSM throughout production runs.

We began commercial production in July, 2016 and now have a total of six opening lines and two blending lines, two cross-lappers and two cards. Now, our production volume for nonwovens is up to nearly 3,000 kgs per hour.

With this new state of the art equipment, we are able to expand our developmental work on hybrid nonwovens by adding more synthetic fibers to the mix as well as carbon fiber, including compound development for applications where higher impact strength, acoustical dampening, heat-deflection temperature, and structural requirements are needed in a single application. The second line allows for construction of a single web incorporating up to six different fiber types in two different layers that will subsequently be combined into a single finished, needled product. This unique capability allows us to fully customize our nonwoven products to help customers optimize for cost, weight, and aesthetics in their final molded composite parts and meet more challenging application requirements.

Since our startup, we have been producing both synthetic and blends of synthetic and E-glass or natural fiber mats for customers in several industries. We see the nonwovens industry as a growth area, specifically in regards to light weighting efforts, with our capabilities and multi-blend formulations it’s an exciting time to be in the nonwovens industry.Insert a long beautiful story about your business and how it has started. Tell about your team members and write an article about the Founder of this business. Insert your own photos, so customers can learn about you more and trust you.